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Dragon Dairys - Laura 'Saphir' Michel (Colored) by Linkwolf48 Dragon Dairys - Laura 'Saphir' Michel (Colored) by Linkwolf48
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Laura Michel, also known as Saphir is a 14 year old Haitian girl born and raised in Labadee, Haiti with her older brother Anthony.
Her older brother is an activist who is against a Haitian General, 
Pascal Préval (The Breaker, Pwotèj Ayiti a) who is abusing his power until this general discovered that both Anthony and Laura are meta-humans. Laura shares the same view as her older brother, to free her country from corruption that Pascal is spreading throughout the country, as well as in Dominican Republic.

Laura has the ability to generate a pulse of force, which appear in a light blue-ish aura, in any direction using her hands, often used to propel and toss enemies or objects back, since she is young, it takes a toll on her body when she uses her ability, hence the reason why she is always working out with her older brother, who has the same abilities.

Pascal had not only hunted down Haitian and Dominican meta-humans, but those who were coming to the islands as tourist as well, in secret, Pascal  had connections to members of the criminal underground from United Kingdom, the same ones who killed off most members of the Freedom Fighters.
Pascal managed to kidnap Anthony and planned to send him and the others away to the United Kingdom to be used as tools for the criminal underground.

As Laura is, she is able to take on a few of Pascal's men, however, she isn't strong or experienced enough to use her force-like abilities.
When she saw Marisa Clou and Shara Uma, who were supposedly on vacation, she took a chance with them for help to save her brother, for Anthony is the only family she has in Haiti. Marisa took this opportunity to form the new Freedom Fighters and their participation in their first mission together.

The two girls helped Laura stop a majority of Pascal's forces and saving Anthony and the others, in addition, exposing Pascal's abuse of power and corruption he had on Haiti's police force, along with the Dominican Republic's police force.

After the events with Pascal, Laura remained in Haiti, but informs her new friends she will join them anytime if she and her brother is needed. And since Pascal is no longer present, Haiti and Dominican Republic has become safer.

Laura and her brother later helps out once again when a large militarized cyborg plagued the pacific ocean near the virgin islands, however in this attack, Pascal had been rescued and evacuated off Haiti due to his contact in United Kingdom, which prompt Laura and Anthony to become permanent members of Clou's Freedom Fighters to stop Pascal and continue a long await revenge confrontation fight that ended  badly in the United Kingdom.
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