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Dragon Diarys Bianca Airesus/Steel Maiden(Colored) by Linkwolf48 Dragon Diarys Bianca Airesus/Steel Maiden(Colored) by Linkwolf48
Thai Ninja Theme:…
TSM Theme:…

From Left to Right

Thailand Ninja/Vigilante gear:
Thailand Ninja/Vigilante gear, which she used during her time in her homeland Malaysia,Thailand; fighting against a Russian Drug Trade group known as The Bear. She uses cloaking belt and a single vision visor that can scan and pick up heat signatures and or detect if someone is armed, which she had to used most of the time while dealing with criminals and Armed Russian gunmen.

The Steel Maiden Armor:
After having her body infused with Nanotechnology, she created a battle armor based off of this high level military technology and used it during her campaign against The drug and human trafficking gang known as Black Shadow in China after returning to Beijing after the kidnapping. The armor forms onto her as if it is a liquid mesh and protects her from a majority of dangers. It generates it's power from converting solar and lunar energy, other times from plasma. She is also equipped with an M1911 pistol, an old fashion gun not commonly used in the year 21XX. The Chinese, who though of her as an android assassin, commonly call her the Modern day Lady of Ch'iao Kuo or The Valkyrie instead of her actual name, The Steel Maiden.

Casual Kick-boxer:
Kickboxing getup is used once Bianca hits The United States, and had since been used on multiple occasions. Her hand wraps have been replace with nano mesh technology that can soften as if it is cloth and /harden to be as strong as titanium at any given time. Some parts of this getup were from her older appearance from her vigilante gear in Thailand. The Cloaking Belt she no longer uses and had since been given to Momoko to use. She later uses her battle armor during the Japanese cybernetic crisis.
Yersinia88 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I totally love this one!
Linkwolf48 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Thanks man,much appreciated :)
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