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Dragon Diarys - Binaca vs Borojei Imai by Linkwolf48 Dragon Diarys - Binaca vs Borojei Imai by Linkwolf48
Borojei Imai is the leader of the drug/human trafficking ring known as Black Shadow. Just like Bianca, he was placed in a nano-machine project after he had been discharged from Chinese Military.
Due to how the procedure left him, he dons half a mask to cover his ruined fast, to a similar fashion of Phantom of the Opera.
His men kidnapped many young men and women from ages 8-20+ and force them into the ring. Among the girls kidnapped was Bianca Airesus, who had escaped the gang in Beijing China. Despite her escaping, her friend May Li was not so lucky, resulting in Bianca wanting to save her.

This resulted in Bianca going to the extreme to become the strongest she could be. wanting revenge against the Black shadow gang and Borojei, also hoping her friend is alive. Bianca had ripepd through the Black Shadow leaders, and their allies from Russia, The Bear, up until the confrontation with Borojei.

She attempted to assassinate Borojei during a human trafficking auction in Hong Kong, only to fail and a fight ensue. Bianca pretty much removed her mask in the fight, representing the rage she had bottled up inside for years.

eventually Borojei was killed, resulting in the gang going into a power struggle. people at the auction were arrested and more than 100 women were freed, including May Li herself.
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