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Dragon Diarys - Ryuka Jezaku (Colored) by Linkwolf48 Dragon Diarys - Ryuka Jezaku (Colored) by Linkwolf48


Sometime during the year 21XX, Ryuka Jezaku was known for being a Japanese pop singer and sometimes played in movie roles before she retired in her mid to late 20s. She eventually found out about her Yakuza family tree and decided to revive the gang by finding former exiled Yakuza members, forming the Neo Yakuza gang until her death at age 36. This discovery drew out anger, a list of power, and a bit on insanity in her part, also cutting off one of her middle fingers to represent her status as leader. Those who know or knew her often said she is the type of beauty that kills.

Appearance - Ryuka sports a purple and black skin tight suit that expels green neon lights from direct contact with solar rays, it acts as a glow in the dark like suit for her. She has a Japan Flag (Old Japan) bandana on her arm. She uses an old fashion Katana and a laser pistol, with a tucked away normal pistol that is loaded. She also has an array of Japan tattoos all over her body, starting from her neck, to her arms, hips and on her legs.

Bio and Death

She was always behind the scenes when her gang caused a scene in an already turmoil Japan that had recently succumb to a financial struggle due to politic figures. She detests a French Japanese robotics-engineer playboy by the name of Leon St. Marc V, who was building solution to improve life in Japan despite what was going on. She is also known for nearly killing people just for looking at her the wrong way, and had become a person of interest by an Asian Vigilante who now lives in Japan, Momoko. She also hates the JPN SWAT co-commander named Yula Steelbound, who she makes remarks about her, calling her a half breed for Yula was a Japanese American cop. The hate came from halted operations by this sole SWAT member.

She had recruited some notable figures, such as the Kikabanki Twins, who were young women who knew how to make a crime scene so complex, it even throws the best from Japanese police off their game.

When an old corrupt android awoken in an old sea lab facility in Hiroshima Island, it began corrupting most of Japan with a virus that caused machines to go crazy, and the virus is also able to bend human's to it's will, and the gang containing and controlling this virus was White Dragon.

Jezaku sees this as an opportunity to attack this new gang and take over some parts of Japan, but is often ran out by heroes from America, she later tries for and mainly wants Tokyo, for she only cared about power, however during a 2-way fight with Japanese SWAT, White Dragon gangsters and Bullbot, along with company from the USA, she had to retreat. It was then Jezaku began to attack, capture, torture and nearly kill people in her attacks.

She often confronts James, JPN SWAT and company in various parts of Japan and uses the twins to spy on White Dragon. After countless defeat she lied in wait to strike, and during this time when St.Marc V had been kidnapped by the other gang, she used that opportunity to steal discontinued military mechs from a robotic-engineering branch in New Khyshu City, Japan, thanks to the twin's White Dragon contact, an unknown Chinese woman whom they befriended while spying on the gang.

She used the mechs, only with cyborg hounds attempted to ambush James, and JPN SWAT  in an abandon mansion in the woods of Kyushu City. She was able to lure out James using the hounds and the twins, as she goes inside to try to kill notable SWAT figures guarding a hidden, Hima Saito and Yula Steelbound, for the mansion housed the key to White Dragon's motive. As the twins lured dragged James and some police into a fight, Ryuka blew hole in the mansion's main entrance and entered.

Hima and Yula had to fight Jezaku inside the mansion, trying to disable the steel piercing turrets , only to cause the mech to disable and break down, only for Jezaku to come and fight with a gun and sword in hand. She injures Hima by shooting him in the shoulder and hunted down her arch-enemy, Yula.

The two fought until Jezaku nearly fell down an elevator shaft. Yula came to her aid, attempting to save her, only for Jezaku to pull out a tucked away pistol with her free hand. She aimed the gun directly in Yula's face, only for Hima to arrive and shoot Jezaku in the arm before she cocked her gun. Jezaku fell down, bleeding out and screaming down a somewhat bottomless elevator shaft. Presumed dead at the age of 36, year 21XX.

She was presumed dead, and proof of this is when the Kikabanki twins COMMs blinked red, which means there is no pulse for whomever had access to the COMMs.
In the final battle at the Hiroshima Bridge, The Kikabanki Twins had sided with a woman from White Dragon, in hopes of avenging Ryuka Jezaku. Even after the events of the Japanese crisis, droids were sent in to recover data and possible remains from the shaft, since they detected blood stains on parts of the shaft inside the mansion.
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