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Dragon Diarys - Tala Tomack-Agbaje (Colored) by Linkwolf48 Dragon Diarys - Tala Tomack-Agbaje (Colored) by Linkwolf48

The huntress turned elite bodyguard, Tala Tomack-Agbaje, also the final member invited to the steel maiden family. Just like Bianca, she was introduced to robotic engineering in Africa, using her knowledge to save her country. When she became a bodyguard for an African Diplomat's daughter, she traveled to Beijing China with the girl for a energy awareness talk, only for her to get ambushed by The Black Shadow gang who kidnapped the girl, and Tala as well.
Tala stuck around to see what happen to the girl, eventually saving her, but she stuck around to save Bianca Airesus. When Bianca became the armored Assassin called The Steel Maiden,she rescues Tala , who was being kept imprisoned in Hong Kong, for she was used as a fighter in Kane's underworld fight club for a time.
She later aids Bianca and company destroy Black Shadow from China, and became a close friend of Bianca, for Tala was the one helped The Steel Maiden become who she is now.

Tala returns to her country in a few months, but later aids Bianca and company via hologram and hacking during the events of Cybernetic Threat in Japan. Even after the events she has become a public figure in the robotic engendering community due to her high intelligence and creating recourse that benefit humans, animals and androids alike.

The scars she bares on her body was a result from fighting a rebel terrorist group that used animal mechs to force villages and tribes to pay them, hence her huntress background; ripping the exo-skeleton and shock chains from said animal mechs as trophies.
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