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Dragon Diarys - Miranda M. Lymberis (Kitty)

Theme:… (SHE - Atomic)

Miranda Mari Lymberis is the best friend and at times a tag-a-long sidekick of James Konta. She too is a vigilante and only became one when inspired by James, using her abilities and skills to help him out in the best way she can, as with allies and other good friends of James, which eventually got Miranda into the group, joined with Team Ruby.


Miranda was born and raised in California, and around the age of 7, her and her family moved to New York. She is the 3rd youngest out of 5 siblings and all of them took on gymnastics, judo, acrobatics and other various things to increase their skill. Miranda herself was more on the gymnastics and acrobatics side and was very good at what she does.

Miranda was also a nerd to some degree and was always fascinated by comic books and heroes saving the day asa well as fantasy stories. She is also aware that people in real life also have special abilities, some who do good and some who do bad, but she has never seen any action go about in Lowe Manhattan New York expect criminals having their way on the streets. She always felt she can do something about it, but didn’t know how to go about helping people or stopping crime the right way, in addition, she has heard rumors of people who took it upon themselves to deal with said criminals.

Around the summer before Freshmen year in High School, she met with a quirky, and yet very good looking and yet shy Japanese student who had is going to be enrolled in the same High School as she is, and this young man is named James Konta. The two became good friends and they always hung out with each other, including some of Miranda’s friends who befriended James, however time, James even started calling Miranda “Kitty” due to her love for cats.

Over time, Miranda found out about James’ other life whereas he was helping out with crime fighting with allies of his, and eventually James’ take down of a drug dealer named Frankie White at a club that was accompanied by NYU students at the time went viral, and was given the name Green Samurai and marked as a vigilante by the NYPD, knowing of this, Miranda was easily able to deduce James’ identity and kept it a secret, at the same time, Miranda had a brief crush on James, in addition, was inspired to take up her own mantle to help James out, becoming Kitty, a pink costume with cat ears and a hood, and swimming goggles.

Miranda eventually meets with and joins James’ friends on various missions, and has improved over time, eventually getting special goggles made to scan and track things, as well as act as a GPS map from and to locations and or scan a current location.

Eventually, Miranda joins in on the cause to save the world from the group known as The Establishment.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Miranda Mari Lymberis

Alias – Kitty, (Nicknames: Mari, Mimi)


DoB: Spring of 22XX (14-15)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Manhattan, New York (Originally California)

Nationality:  American

Height 5.7 ft. (173.736 cm)

Weight 115 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Bianca and company (Friends), James and company (Friends), The Establishment (Enemy)

Personality – Miranda is very upbeat and has a perky-sque attitude and a bit of a girl-power type of girl. She tends to be a bit of a jokester at times, even when fighting against foes. She is very caring of her friends and family. She is also cool and not easily angered, and listens very carefully to things for understanding and tends to over analyze something and or a situation, more than once.

Appearance – Miranda is a blue-eyed brunette Cali-girl turned New Yorker. She usually wears cool-colored tank-tops with warm colored sneakers, other times very light colors. Her costume, as a crime fighter, consist of pink and purple with open toe sneakers with a pink wig and yellow cat-like contacts, however, even without the contacts, Miranda is able to make some sort of illusion with makeup on her face to make her eyes appear this way. Her costume also consist of having a tail that helps her balance more. Her costume also includes cat ears, as well as a hoodie with a mask, but rarely does she use it. She also has a basic pair of goggles to cover her eyes, later one; Ivan Illuton (Caveboy) was able to engineer a special type of goggles that allows scanning, GPS and other various things to help Miranda and friends.

Abilities / Skill

Acrobatics– Miranda is surprisingly quick and nimble and is able to perform crazy flips and jumps swiftly and with pure elegance. Her being lite on her feet makes her able to recover faster and perform more tricks and stunts to evade, come into contact with her opponent and or to get from one area to the next.

Hand Combat – Miranda is not as good as James and or others; however what makes her not to be underestimated, how she mixes her Acrobatic skills with her hand combat in unison, rendering her connecting most of her attacks, giving her opponent little time to react.

Upgraded Goggles – Her new goggles allows her to track, scan and pinpoint locations, targets and or objects, as well as act as a GPS for the current location and or to a destination, as well as track others on her team if their communicators are enabled. Her goggles also have a safety mechanism so if it is not in possession by Miranda, it locks up and is rendered useless.

Cat-Claws – Miranda has straps on her hands and fingers that have retractable claws that can be used to attack opponents as well as objects and obstacles. They come out when the palm of her hand via strapped has pressure on it and will go back when pressure is applied again, pretty much an on/off switch for the claws to pop out or in.

Tail – This part of her costume connects to her back and it allows for improved balance, adding more effectiveness to Miranda’s current skill set.

Cat Ears – Originally, the ears serves no purpose until Ivan gave her the goggles. Her cat ears are able to sense, as well as track anything or anyone nearby and create a faint sound that Miranda can hear, in addition, said focused target appears on the goggle scan.

Mini-Flashbags (Kat-Bombs) – She carries small balls that appear to as cats, and when thrown they expel a small smoke cloud only to go off and create a concussive blast of light that can stunt opponents.


This character was based off a real life friend who was indeed a perky and cool cat lover and dresses up like a cat on some occasions.

Dragon Diarys - Davidas Francois

Theme:… Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor)

Davidas François  is a French Villain, as well as a rich, mind controlling womanizer because of the degree of his abilities. He helps his step-father, David François with his pop star career and also helps by means of his abilities to control people with pheromone scents that emit from his body, to which Davidas loves to abuse said power on woman he finds attractive, at times, having them under his control for periods of time, mainly those who insult him. He has confronted Mage a few times, whereas the first encounter enabled the both of them to be rivals, as well as enemies due to the back and forth insults, a few insults that Davidas took to heart, fueling his hatred for majority of people who he thinks are enemies. Davidas goes by codename: Flower Boy (Garçon de fleur) due to his abilities to control by means of scent that comes from his body.


Davidas François  was born to a French couple who accidentally had him, and they kept Davidas in secret, for the couple were not married and the parents of the couple were not aware of the relationship, nor of Davidas. Eventually, the couple failed at keeping the love child a secret when the baby started to cry inside one of their homes when the mother of the child’s parents were present, thus resulting in a fight for the baby was a shock to the parents of both the mother and father of Davidas. About a year later, they began to notice that the baby’s skin was somewhat green, and they believed he may have gotten some sort of sickness, after some time had passed, they notice the baby’s eyes were orange and the pupils were black, and suddenly, the couple and the parents in the household suddenly began to have more affection for each other, but snapped out of it, for they deemed the baby to be cursed, as if it was like a price they paid for having the love child and that fact they were not married or informed their parents.

It came to a point where when Davidas was age 3, they plotted to get rid of the baby, even thinking about killing Davidas, and one day, Davidas overheard his parents and their family discussing such, and e hurt him inside. Because of how he looked, he was mocked and people made fun of him, causing the child to go into depression, thinking he was useless.

Prior to his own family trying to get rid of him, Davidas met a girl who didn’t care how he looked, and she liked him, considering him to be special, but what he didn’t know was the girl had cancer, and this was the only true friend and possibly someone that Davidas really liked, for he was succumbing to his own abilities. But that night, Davidas’ parents took him to Paris, and they throw him into an alleyway, abandoning him.

He became homeless, and became ridiculed by anyone and everyone who sees him, but eventually, he met with a young artist who was trying to be a musician, this artist was also not cool with those who attack him, and this person, David François, took the boy in and raised him as a son, even though he had nothing, thus naming the child Davidas for his parents never really gave him a name and only referred to him as “child” or “boy”.

Davidas eventually got older and his father figure, David was slowly becoming a musician. Davidas met with the girl he loved, but she was not going to last long because her cancer has gotten serious and over time he spent many days with her, and when they both reached the age of 11, the girl tells Davidas that if anything were to happen to her, she wants him to be happy, to meet other people and make friends because not everyone in the world is bad, and eventually, the girl days just about a month later. Davidas, however, was unable to go see her before she died because her parents were also mean towards him, he was not able to go to the funeral either, and had to witness the burial from a distance, thus sending Davidas into a state of depression.

Several months had past, he began to feel a bit better by helping David with his gigs, and to make himself feel better, Davidas began to learn about his powers and abilities, that he is able to control and attract people, he feels that no girl would really love him for how he looks, so he resorts to control, mainly against those who insult him. Over time, David began diving into the criminal world, and Davidas followed, and both of them not only became corrupted, but became bad over time, for the money from the gigs opened the door to the world of evil, and eventually the criminal underworld.

Davidas and David were mixed in with various crimes and criminals while David was able to maintain his career, while Davidas remains in the shadows to watch his father, for the green skin still bothers him, but because the both of them now have connections with criminals, they were able to help Davidas. During one meeting, Davidas came face to face with the French Protester turned Vigilante called Mage, a Pyro-Chemist that uses his power to generate Fire and Ice in unique ways, thus starting the rivalry between the two, mainly when Mage refers to Davidas as a monster, and or an alien imp, to which Davidas took as an insult, further pushing his view that the world hates him.

His favorite color is Black, the reason being is because he remains in the shadows for all his life and continues to be in the shadows as he operates.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Davidas François

Alias – Lady’s Green Charm, Pretty Boy G (PBG), Alien Boy, Rich Boy, codename: Flower Boy (Garçon de fleur)


DoB: 22XX (15-17?)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Paris, France

Nationality:  French

Height 5.3 ft. (161.544 cm)

Weight 110 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Bianca and company (Enemy), MAGE (Rival ,Enemy), James and company (Enemy), The Establishment (Enemy), French Singer David François (Partner, Friend, Decoy, Father) Biological Family (Hatred For, status unknown), Girl with Cancer (Friend, Love Interest, Deceased), Lelia Sheer (Partner, infatuated with, Friend), The Succubus (Contact and help founded, minions)

Personality – Charming and collected, but due to how he is at times, he tends to be very snarky, and a bit of a narcissist, but at times, tends to put a girl who is under his control on a pedestal and treats them as a pet. Because of how he looks and how people use to treat him, he has little care for the outside world, but for some girls who react to his appearance, he is able to control them by force by means of his abilities so they do not mock his appearance, mainly his green skin, which he considers to be like a curse, despite the wonderful ability he has.

Appearance – Davidas has orange eyes, and green pigmentation of the skin. His natural hair color is white, but he has dyed his hair brown and or blonde or a mix of the dye and his natural hair color, in addition, his hair was originally long, but he made it shorter and or made a specific style he chooses to his liking. David appears young for his age, but he is around the age of 15-17, but it is unknown for he has never addressed his age, but his voice pretty much reveals to his connections and enemies that he is indeed young. Davidas fancies suits and dress clothing, as well as a luxurious based lifestyle, despite being a criminal that is unknown to majority of France expect the Pyo-Chemist that goes by the codename The Mage.


Pheromone Scent– Davidas’ body releases a strong pheromone scent that he can bend to his will to control or seduce the unexpected, for his targets are usually women that he deems beautiful and worth his time. Oddly enough, David is able to profit off of his meta-human abilities whereas he is able to create a cologne or perfume of some kind to sell in black markets if a private buyer demands such. His ability can be counter if the opponent is aware of his ability and resist the scent, for just as carbon monoxide is silent, so is the very scent that David emits from his body. For female opponents, he usually have them around for an unknown amount of time to be as servants and eye candy, for that is what he likes –women, for any male opponent who is under his control, they tend to act as foot soldiers, should David hesitate to send out a female victim that is under his control to do his bidding.

Financial Power and Connections – David’s connections to the corrupt is very strong, and due to these connections, the people of France do not really know of David’s existence. They’re able to provide him with the means to do what he does without being suspect, not to mention they provide him with a crème that is able to conceal his green skin. As his front, he uses a real French Singer, who has nearly the same name as him, David François, who had supplied and bought from Black Shadow, as well as their allies among The Establishment.


David’s abilities can be counter if the opponent is aware and or resist the scent that emits from David’s body, however the closer he is, the stronger the scent is, if his ability is in use.

Dragon Diarys - Makoshi Karatosho

Theme:… - CloZee - Secret Place

Makoshi Karatosho is a Japanese native, fisherman, as well as a huntress who resides in a village not too far from Tokyo City. During the Japanese crisis, she and her team were the ones responsible for setting up the force-fields around Gato Forest to prevent entry and or detect unknown trespassers, to which she, head of her team will immediately deal with the intruder with force. Because of her actions during the crisis, the village has literally went off grid 100%, with the force-field itself being the only technology being used to protect the forest.


Makoshi is the daughter of the mayor of, as well as the leader, of the small village known as Gato Village. The occupation of the majority in the village are either hunters, fishermen, crafters and farmers, some, who has hone their skills outside of the village have come to use what they know to better help the village, which includes technology and resources. Makoshi was not really a fan of technology unlike her father, who is open for balance in the village.

When Shouboku awaken, causing not just trouble, but a virus to spread through Japan that affects both man and machine, she took it upon herself to shut off all technology in the area, even going about taking her father’s sword, which is not an actual blade, but a weapon is basically an energy sword, capable of shocking opponents on contact. She, and the fighters of the village suited up to protect Gato Forest from drones that are infected by the virus, and eventually, she commanded that the village should be blocked off completely in order to protect themselves from an unknown threat. Despite the idea not being something good since many of the villagers were thinking about those coming for refugee, Makoshi, being overprotective of her people did so anyways despite their wishes.

Makoshi had become paranoid when now White Dragon Members and robots attempt to enter the forest, but because of her efforts, she manage to defeat them, once again protecting the forest, thus becoming more protective and paranoid about what is taking place on the outside, eventually she had all technology shut down in the forest to remain off-grid, thinking any interference that is in the village is causing White Dragon gangsters to show up, which was indeed the case, and the villagers were protected in the forest by a force-field and the actions of Makoshi and her father’s hunters and huntress.

Makoshi was the skilled huntress of the bunch, but due to high paranoia, she protects the village by pushing herself to her limits, and eventually, James Konta showed up near the riverside of the village. Thinking James is a White Dragon member, she confronted him and manage to take him down despite James not wanting to put up a fight, and James was eventually jailed.

In jail, James spoke with the keeper, Arin, who wishes nothing more but the village to be safe, but worries about Japan as a whole. After conversing with each other, Arian trusted James, thinking him showing up out of nowhere may be a sign that some change can be made, and he briefs James on what is going on outside of the forest, telling him as if all of Japan had went crazy, even the machines, and he spoke about an unknown virus that is causing people to do things they would not normally do. Eventually Arin lets him go at the dead of nightfall, and soon Makoshi finds out about this and scolds Arin, and this time she and her team hunted James down to the end border of the force-field itself.

Makoshi confronts James yet again and fights him, but this time James wins, only to trigger a net trap set by Makoshi, but before she can bring him back to jail, Makoshi’s father informs her to let James go, and with a bit of convincing and James stating why he is here, James insist that he will help with whatever is going on in Japan but he would have to find this friend who had disappeared, stating that if an American had passed by here, and nothing was said, however, someone stated an American girl was sighted in another village hours ago when he went out to scout at the orders of Makoshi.

Makoshi is not seen again until later on, coming to the realization that the threat of which she fears is indeed affecting everyone, however James and company has been pushing the good fight, as well as take care of the Neo Yakuza problem, and at this, Makoshi joins the team to see an end to the problem.

She teams up again at Club Blacklight to deal with the virus infected Russian DJ and assisted in rescuing hostages at the broken shores, and eventually took part in the final battle at Hashima Island against a horde of drones.

After the events in Japan and the reveal as well as the defeat of Shouboku, she returns to her village being deemed a hero along with her newfound friends. She tells James and the others it is unlikely she would ever go to America to meet with them again, but if a time comes if they need her help, she is willing to take action in assisting them anyway she can.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Makoshi Karatosho

Alias – Gato Forest Defender, Gato Huntress


DoB: 22XX (early mid 20s)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Gato Village, near Tokyo City (possibly around Mt. Hakone)

Nationality:  Japanese

Height 5.0 ft. (152.4 cm)

Weight 120 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Bianca and company (Friends/Partners), James and company (friends/partners, team), Neo Yakuza (Enemy), The White Dragon (Enemy)

Personality – Makoshi is brash, and very commanding and strict by her actions and what she has to say due to her position to others as well as who her father is. Despite appearing mean at times, she want what is best for her village and nothing more, hence why she pushes herself to protect them by any means necessary. Over time after James being able to help out, along with his friends, Makoshi became more open, playful and very tactful. She is open to reason and listens and wants to lend a hand to help all people and her new friends.

Appearance – Makoshi rocks the colors of Japan as well as the color of her village flag Green/Blue. She integrated the design in her huntress armor made up of metal and leather whereas her rebel uniform is red and green, with a blue bandanna. Makoshi has long blue hair, with sky blue bangs and she has green eyes. She has metal and leather gloves and boots, with the inner parts of boots having portions of rubber while the palm of her gloves also having rubber as a safety measure because of the weapon of choice, as well as her ability to grip things better.


Agility and Speed – Makoshi was also quick on her feet as a child and even as a 5 foot young adult, she is still quite nimble on her feet. This propels her to be a better hunter on land as well as sea, in addition to being a fast swimmer. She is also good with weapons such as a bow, spears and swords and has a bit of close combat skills with can is very effective due to her agility.

Energy Sword – Her signature weapon is her Father’s sword known as the Karatosho Shock Blade. It was a sword made that was given to her father and no to her in an attempt to defend her village with said sword. The sword is capable of phasing through opponents with its energy causing the opponent to be stunned by a powerful shock that is used to incapacitate. The blade can cut objects and collide with said objects, but when used against a living organism it cannot cut through, but cause a shock as it phases through the opponent, this is why Makoshi is often wearing metal and leather gloves, with the palms being made of rubber so that the weapon does not shock her in the process, but the sword is not really capable of harming the user who grips the sword.


Makoshi has most known weaknesses as the average human, but because of her nimbleness and skill, she is not so easy to take down unless she meets someone at her level and or above her, or those that are skilled. She also has a hard time when faced against robots and drones, but contact with her weapon will render and or deplete her metallic opponents in a fight.
Dragon Diarys - Tomas Simons (Bug-Bot)

Theme:… - Jamiroquai Main Vein (Deep Swing Jazzy Thumper Mix)

Tomas Simons (Bugbot) is an American hero who suited up as a bug-based vigilante who tags team with a good friend of his known as the Street Pinter in order to fight crime in the streets of New York. Eventually the duo’s actions paid off when they met those that inspired them.


Tomas’ father was the original bug-bot while Tomas himself was a family man who had an interest in learning about bugs and wildlife as well as having love for 80s music as well as being a tech geek. As for his father, he was a detective for the FBI and goes about his detective work in a metal suit and a trench coat, which completely masks his identity. Over time, Tomas’ father got older and was not able to walk and he died of his illness, but before he died, he shared his secrets with Tomas and even giving him the suit.

Tomas took the mantle of his father, but upgraded the suit, giving it a bug-like look and calling himself Bug Bot 2.0, or just Bug Bot, but unlike his father, he does not wear a trench coat. Over time, Tomas just helped out the homeless while suited up and occasionally go after petty thieves, of underestimated Tomas due to his appearance, not realizing how much of a threat Bug Bot even is.

Tomas and Street Panther eventually tags team more often with Corbin and his crew to fight crime and when things began getting serious with The Establishment, the Criminal Underground and even the Illuminati itself, Tomas decides to help the heroes deal with these major threats, knowing that he can change any uncertain future for his friends and family and mainly his daughter.

Tomas also became selfish due to the influence of the captor of Life Bringer. And when Life Bringer was discovered, he, by influence and sadness, wanted to bring his old man back to life with her help, but didn’t succumb to Life Bringer’s captor who tried to manipulate Tomas and the others with what Life Bringer could do.

After some time, Tomas and Panther eventually joined a permanent team; The New Freedom Fighters led by Marisa Clou, and joined them and many others to take the fight against the Establishment and the Illuminati. However, in the future, he retires and gives the mantle to his daughter, Karen, whereas Tomas assisted Cave Boy with crafting resources to help bring down the Sheer family once and for all.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Tomas Simons

Alias – Bug Bot


DoB: 22XX (early mid 30s)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: New York City (Brooklyn)

Nationality:  American

Height 6.0 ft. (182.88 cm)

Weight 220 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Grant Simons (Father, deceased), Karen Simons (daughter), Sarai Simons (wife), Bianca and company (Friends/Partners), James and company (friends/partners, team), The Establishment, Illuminati, and the Criminal Underfund (Enemy)

Personality – Tomas is a chill and cool guy, at times very cheesy. He is one of those heroes who tends to put his persona as what he is to the extreme, mainly when he brings up silly bug puns. Under all that silliness, Tomas is very smart and clever with what he puts into his suit.

Appearance – Tomas has glasses and short blonde hair; however his suit, the Bug Bot suit is bright green steel, with a Kevlar/Rubber under armor that is black. Parts of his suit has bright red and yellow and on his back he has an air, as well as water, jetpack that is integrated into his suit that allows him to propel into the sky, as well as having retractable bug wings that allows him to glide. As for his helmet, it protects him and allows him to breathe even underwater.


Bug Bot Armor – The suit was originally a dark grey color, but after Tomas had upgraded the suit, it is bright green, red, and yellow. The suit is made out of metal and steel and is allows the user to have mobility despite being covered in the material. Under the armor, Tomas has Kevlar under armor with rubber on parts of the under suit. The visor allows him to scan and see even through fog and smoke, as well as other hard to see conditions and can pick up heat signatures within a 20 yard radius.

Honey Comb Taser – This defensive weapon appears to be a joke to any man who sees this, but that is what it is, a joke, for its real capabilities is to forcefully subdue an opponent with a strong taser shock on contact. This item also expels a mist like substances that is mixed with pepper spray to subdue targets caught in the brief mist. Other than that, the item also serves as a baton weapon.

Antennas – The bug like antennas on Tomas’ helmet allows him to detect incoming contact from opponents and or objects, however it does not allow him to see or know where it is coming from, for the antennas gets louder as danger approaches closer. They also allow him to hear footsteps, even faint ones which can’t really be heard by others.


Tomas’ armor can take a lot of punishment however after some time, it can actually be damaged, especially if there is enough force to crack or damage the armor itself.

Tomas can be affected by EMPs, shutting down his suit, however it does not stop him from moving and or performing other actions, and it does not stop him from propelling/flying in the air.


The inspiration for Bug Bot came from Big Bad Beetleborgs and Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers; specifically based off of The Green Hunter Beetleborg Roland Williams and Tommy Oliver The Green Ranger.



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